Seditol promotes relaxation and sleep. It has the capability to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with no “hangover” the next morning. The formula for this all-natural sleep product is a unique combination of extracts from Magnolia officinalis bark (US Patent No. 6,814,987) and Ziziphus spinosa seed.

Extensive receptor binding assay trials were conducted to examine the individual ingredients and Seditol’s final blend. Published in the highly respected peer-reviewed Journal of Ethnopharmacology 124 (2009) 421-425, the study found that Seditol is effective, because it binds to those receptors that promote relaxation and sleep. An open-label trial of nearly 300 subjects supports the findings of the receptor binding assay trials. Seditol not only promoted sleep, but also reduced the fatigue typically associated with poor sleep.

Seditol quiets the mind and calms the body without the side effects of prescription sleep medications. It is ideal for sports enthusiasts who desire restorative sleep to aid in muscle recovery and development, and for the countless people who are simply in desperate need of a good night’s rest.

Seditol is Kosher certified by KOF-K, one of the most prominent Kosher certification agencies in the world. The agency’s emblem, the use of which is protected under federal law, is allowed to be placed on only those products that adhere to the strictest standards of Kosher law. To view the most up-to-date Seditol certificate, go to

Seditol is a supplement that can stand alone or be added to other actives in the sleep category. With great success in the medical community, Seditol is also available to all channels for tablets, capsules and soft gels.

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