Next Pharmaceuticals’ first product, Nexrutine®, was launched with overwhelming success. Nexrutine alleviates the aches and pains associated with physical activity, exercise and over-exertion. This fast acting supplement is ideal for helping to recover from intense workouts. Nexrutine works by inhibiting the gene expression of the COX-2 enzyme through its proprietary blend of actives extracted from the bark of Phellodendron amurense. This is an indirect inhibition of the enzyme, which differentiates it from other COX-2 inhibitors and means that it does not promote any of the negative side effects associated with COX-2 inhibition.

In 2004, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted, investigating the benefits of Nexrutine in 28 subjects with serious joint pain. The Nexrutine group’s total post-treatment scores on the Quality of Life instrument (SF-36v2) were improved significantly in the categories of Role Physical, Vitality, Mental Health and Mental Component Summary. While the Nexrutine group showed significant improvements on these measures over the course of the study, there were no changes in the placebo group.

Nexrutine has been shown in an in-home-use-trial to be a safe, effective and rapidly acting dietary supplement that helps avoid or relieve the general aches and pains associated with physical activity or over-exertion. In the trial, 53 subjects were treated with Nexrutine for two weeks. The recommended dosage was 250mg Nexrutine three times daily. Post-trial analysis revealed an excellent agreement (79%) with the pretrial concept that Nexrutine helps avoid or relieve general aches and pains associated with physical activity or over-exertion. Overall effectiveness, measured by the following parameters, was reported by 72% of the patients: eases soreness in joints and muscles and makes everyday activities more comfortable. Furthermore, Nexrutine was judged to be gentle on the stomach by 86% of the subjects.

Nexrutine is Kosher certified by KOF-K, one of the most prominent Kosher certification agencies in the world. The agency’s emblem, the use of which is protected under federal law, is allowed to be placed on only those products that adhere to the strictest standards of Kosher law. To view the most up-to-date Nexrutine certificate, go to

Nexrutine helps promote recovery from intense workouts. It has appeared in Woman’s World, sold in virtually every grocery and chain drug store across the country. Nexrutine can stand alone or is ideal in combination with other ingredients that help to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints. With over a decade of great success, Nexrutine remains one of the most effective ways to relive joint discomfort.

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